Conference registration booklet

The conference registration booklet was published in the last OGN. It will soon appear on the OGS website. The conference hotel is the Intercontinental Hotel, 9801 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, OH.

This blog will begin featuring the speakers and topics at the conference within the next few weeks to get all of you ready for your wonderful time at the conference. We will also be posting tips and tricks to navigate the conference!

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  1. Elissa Powell

    How does one become an exhibitor at the conference? As a past exhibitor I have not received any notice and would like to come again.

  2. admin

    Hi Elissa! Bill Priest ( is the vendor chair. He’s the one to contact regarding the exhibitors.

  3. John Holderman

    OGS site stated Conference Book is on line but I can not find it to open it. What is the problem? Thank you.

  4. B.

    I can attend only the first two sessions on Saturday morning. Is it possible to pay by the session ($30.00 since extra workshops are $15.00 each) or do I need to pay for the whole day of $59.00?

    Also I did not see any specific email address in the registration information to direct this question. Is there a chair person of registration that can answer this question please.

    Thank you.

  5. admin

    If you would send a note to, we will get an answer to you.

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