OGS Conference Registration

As many of you may know by clicking on the registration booklet on the OGS.org site, the registration form is not online. We do ask that you copy the form and mail it to OGS at the address indicated on the form. We do apologize for any confusion regarding online registration. We are hoping that this will be in place next year for the 2013 annual conference.

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  1. Mary Anne Barnhizer Creatore

    I used my Master Charge prior to the Dec 31, 2011 deadline for a table for our Columbiana County Chapter of OGS. The charge was on my MC statement but I’ve not received any confirmation as of today. Please confirm payment.

    Thank you,
    Mary Anne Barnhizer Creatore, President

  2. admin

    This will be sent to the vendor chair and you will have an answer. Thanks for the note.

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