OGS will once again conduct on-line voting for next year’s election

The Ohio Genealogical Society will conduct on-line voting this coming year for six trustees’ positions. A ballot and a candidate information sheet will be sent to each member’s e-mail address which has been recorded by the OGS office. Contact the OGS office if your e-mail address has been changed or you have not had the e-mail address previously recorded with the office. The office telephone number is 419-886-1903 and the e-mail address is ogs@ogs.org.
Rules for family membership permit two ballots per household. Two ballots will be permitted under one e-mail address if there are not two e-mail addresses recorded for that household. For those members without e-mail addresses, contact the office for a paper ballot and candidate information sheet in December 2014.
Ballots will be e-mailed by January 1, 2015 and all ballots must be received by March 1, 2015. Election results will be announced at the General Meeting held during the 2015 Conference.