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Society of Civil War Families of Ohio (SCWFO)


Any member of OGS who is a direct descendant, or a collateral relative, of any person with Ohio ties who served in the Civil War, for the Union or the Confederacy, is eligible to become a member of The Society of Civil War Families of Ohio (SCWFO). The person must have lived or died in Ohio or served in an Ohio unit. Service is not limited to an Ohio outfit. "Squirrel Hunters" and "Spies," male or female, are also eligible.

All SCWFO society applications must be accompanied by proof of descent and the payment of a non-refundable $40 application fee. Applications must first be approved by the appropriate lineage society committee and then by the Ohio Genealogical Society's Board of Trustees.

If you are not a member of OGS, you can join here. A single membership is $40.


Induction of new members into SCWFO is held at the annual OGS Conference.


Questions about the Society of Civil War Families of Ohio may be directed to Eric Johnson, SCWFO Chair, at scwfo@ogs.org.


Society of Civil War Families of Ohio Application Form
Lineage Society Rules and Application Procedures
Tips for Applying to an OGS Lineage Society

The application forms found here allow applicants to enter lineage information directly into the application fields. We recommend that applicants download and install Foxit Reader, a free and easy-to-use PDF document viewer for Windows that allows completed applications to be saved on your computer.

You may also contact OGS for an application form and rules by emailing ogs@ogs.org calling OGS at (419) 886-1903; or by mailing OGS, 611 State Route 97 West, Bellville OH 44813-8813.


Search the Society of Civil War Families of Ohio (SCWFO) Roster to see if your ancestor is already listed.

SCWFO files are arranged by member number. If you are interested in obtaining copies from a specific SCWFO file, please refer to the member number. Click here for more information about the OGS Copy Service and instructions for ordering.