A Day of Giving at the Ohio Genealogical Society

November 6, 2016

Here we are! Tuesday, November 29th, the “Day of Giving” nationwide. The Ohio Genealogical Society entertains your gift today through Richland Gives –  https://richlandgives.razoo.com/us/story/Ohio-Genealogical-Society-3  – and pledges to use this toward the Burn the Mortgage Campaign to finally pay off the loan on our wonderful Samuel D. Isaly Library. We are getting close to our $1,000 goal. By doing so, we hope to get the $1,000 match offered by the Richland County Foundation. As a non-profit charitable organization, we accept gifts at any time but we would really appreciate your blessing today as we work toward this goal. Just click on the Richland Gives link above. Check out some of our photographs and programs. The software will walk you through the donation process. Then click on the magnifying glass (search icon) at the top of the page to review some of the other great non-profits in our neighborhood. We all are working together on this national Giving Tuesday! Can you believe that nearly $65,000 has already been raised for these groups as of 9:30 AM? What a day! A BIG THANKS to you all!