Richland Gives

November 4, 2015

The Ohio Genealogical Society is participating in something called Richland Gives –  This is a day of giving set for Tuesday, December 1, 2015. It is designed to encourage everyone to contribute to non-profit organizations in Richland County, Ohio on that day. The Richland County Foundation in cooperation with the Razoo Foundation has designed the site based on a similar annual campaign in Columbus, Ohio and other communities nationwide.

OGS has already sent out its end-of-year fundraising plea to its members. If you give directly to OGS, 100% of your donation will go to our organization, so that is always recommended. However, this Richland Gives program will be widely publicized in North Central Ohio and should reach thousands of people who have never heard of our group. We also hope that you share any Richland Gives messages that come across your Facebook page because that will reach even more potential donors that might be new to OGS. We will get 93.1% of funds coming to us through Richland Gives. The remaining 6.9% is used for administration and especially advertising.

Check out the Ohio Genealogical Society donation page on Richland Gives and also take a look at the nearly 60 organizations who will be vying for your donation on December 1st. The goal is to build capacity at non-profit agencies and to make the community stronger.  Because this is going out to every 501(c)(3) organization’s mailing list in Richland County, we have the chance of getting many new donors and members. Remember your normal mail-in contribution to the Ohio Genealogical Society but feel free to check out Richland Gives on December 1st especially if you like to participate in online contribution campaigns for charity. Let’s see how many donors OGS can get!