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Samuel D. Isaly Library

611 State Route 97 West
Bellville, OH 44813
Phone: 419-886-1903
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Burn The Mortgage

In 2009 we broke ground for the Samuel D. Isaly Library of the Ohio Genealogical Society. We asked you to "plant the seeds" to help us grow and build our wonderful research facility. Your response was overwhelming. One year later we held the library's grand opening thanks to your "seed" money.

In order to complete and furnish the library, the OGS Board of Trustees approved applying for a $600,000 USDA loan. The goal was to pay off that loan within ten years and now, seven years later and with only $175,000 (with accrued interest) remaining, that goal is within our reach.

You helped us "plant the seeds," now won't you help us "light the fire?" With your continued generous support, we can pay off our loan within the next year and burn our mortgage at the 2017 OGS Conference to be held in Sandusky, Ohio. We all know a fire needs kindling and fuel to burn. Will you be the spark to light the fire?

Please help us reach our goal to have a mortgage-free library. Your donations, large or small, will help fuel the flames that much higher.

The Samuel D. Isaly Library of the Ohio Genealogical Society is a jewel in the genealogical community and the state of Ohio. Your continuing support makes us outstanding in our field!

Margaret Cheney

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