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SCWFO Contact Procedures

Procedures for Contacting Members of the Society of Civil War Families of Ohio in Regard to Their Research

1.  All requests for a SCWFO member’s address (US mail, email address, or phone number) will be handled through the SCWFO Chair, Brent Morgan, either by email (scwfo@ogs.org) or US mail (OGS, Attn Brent Morgan, 611 State Route 97 West, Bellville OH 44813-8813.) 

2.  Requests for contacts with SCWFO members may come from other SCWFO members, from other OGS members, or from outside OGS.  We anticipate that such requests would normally be generated as a result of a researcher searching the online SCWFO roster for potential research contacts sources, although requests might also be generated by a SCWFO member’s article in OCWGJ, ORPF, OGN, or OGQ.

3.  Areas of interest for potential discussion and exchange of research include military units, particular individuals, home counties or areas, battles, areas of service, medical or hospital experience, prisoner of war experience, et al.

4.  Persons interested in contacting SCWFO member(s) will address their request by email or US mail to Brent, including the SCWFO member number of the member(s) with whom they would like to make contact, their areas of interest, US mail address, email address if appropriate, and telephone number.

5.  Brent will make contact, if possible, with the SCWFO member(s) with whom contact has been requested, and pass along the requestor’s name, interest areas, US mail address, email address, and telephone number.  It will be up to the SCWFO member to return contact unless he or she specifically authorizes Brent to provide his or her contact information to the requestor instead.

6.  These procedures will be published in conjunction with the SCWFO member roster, so that persons interested in further contact know the appropriate steps to take.

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