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Confederate Burials at Camp Chase Cemetery, Columbus OH
Compiled by Lawrence A. Long

Donated to OGS by Mr. Long’s son, Steve Long, so that it will be made widely available to researchers and students.

This database contains information on the grave locations, names, and units of 2170 Confederate burials at Camp Chase OH. The cemetery is on the location of the Civil War Camp Chase in Columbus OH. To create this database, Mr. Long physically read the grave markers at Camp Chase approximately 1980, when many were not as worn as they are today. He also cross-referenced his transcriptions with other resources on Camp Chase and on Confederate military units to make the information as accurate as possible, and noted on each entry the additional information that he could provide.

On some of these entries, a second grave number will be provided as additional information. We believe that these numbers note Mr. Long’s cross-references to the grave numbers listed in the 1906 Story of Camp Chase by William H. Knauss. Most of these pertain to the graves removed from Camp Dennison and the Columbus City Cemetery for re-burial in the Camp Chase Cemetery.

Lawrence Long at the front gate of Camp Chase in 2002. Photograph by and courtesy of Steve Long.

Biography of Mr. Long (submitted by Steve Long):
Lawrence (Larry) Allen Long of DeBary FL was born in Dover, Ohio on December 1, 1938, and died on July 3, 2006 at age 67. He served 2 years in the Army as well as 2 years in the National Guard. He attended Hiram College, Hiram, OH, and graduated from Kent State University, Kent, OH, in 1965. He retired as a Sales Manager from Arwebb Office Equipment, Newark, OH. He also worked for Neisner Stores, Buffalo, NY, and Smiths Home & Office Interiors in Mount Vernon, OH. Larry moved to DeBary, FL, from Fredericktown, OH, in November of 2005. He was an avid coin/paper money collector and was a member the Mount Vernon Numismatic Society. He was also a Civil War buff. His Civil War book and magazine collection was very extensive, surpassing almost any public or university library. He undoubtedly was an expert on the Civil War. His paper money collection included hundreds of Confederate bank notes.

Mr. Long’s original typewritten pages that resulted from his years of work are now on file at the OGS Library. Additional resources on Camp Chase include:

Knauss, William H. The Story of Camp Chase: A History of the Prison and Its Cemetery, Together with Other Cemeteries where Confederate Prisoners are Buried, etc. Originally published by Publishing House of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Nashville, Tenn., and Dallas, Tex., 1906. Memorial Edition published by The General’s Books, An Affiliate of Blue & Gray Magazine, Columbus OH, 1994, with new materials added. http://bluegraymagazine.com/store/product18.html
LaRue, Paul, and Washington High School Senior Research History Class of 2003-2004. Not to Be Forgotten: Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery. Teaching with Historic Places Lesson Plan, National Park Service. Contains maps, readings, photographs, and references.  http://www.nps.gov/nr/twhp/wwwlps/lessons/123camp_chase/index.htm
“Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery.” Ohio Exploration Society. Excellent collection of photographs of the cemetery, including a 360-degree panoramic photograph. http://www.ohioexploration.com/campchase.htm
“Camp Chase.” Ohio History Central, Ohio Historical Society. http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/entry.php?rec=662
“William H. Knauss (1839-1912.)” Biographical sketch, University District History, Columbus OH. http://www.univdistcol.com/whk.html


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