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Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal Table of Contents Index

The Ohio Genealogical Society started the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal in 1997. Since then, OCWGJ has become an indispensible resource for researching Ohio Civil War soldiers and their families.

This is an index to the article titles in OCWGJ.


If you are using Title as a search parameter:

  • Adding a plus sign (+) before each word will find titles/subjects with all of those words. +Chattanooga +Campaign will find entries with both Chattanooga and Campaign (not necessarily in that order)
  • Adding a minus sign (-) before a word will exclude titles/subjects with that word. +Chattanooga -Campaign will find entries with Chattanooga, but not Campaign
  • Just listing the words with no plus or minus will find entries with either word. Chattanooga Campaign will find entries with either Chattanooga or Campaign
  • Adding an asterisk (*) after a word will search for partial words. Morgan* will find both Morgan and Morgan's
Volume (1, 2, etc.) :