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The Ohio Department of Health maintains a statewide index of births, divorces and marriages. These indexes were consolidated from the county probate records of the 88 counties of Ohio. Some of these indexes were obtained by the Ohio Genealogical Society.
Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameMarriage DateMarriage Co.Groom's Residence Co.Bride's Residence Co.Groom's AgeBride's AgeGroom Times MarriedBride Times MarriedSource
ChandlerCynthiaA1977-09-29GreeneGreeneGreene22221Nevervol. 09138, certificate 066132
ChandlerCynthiaA1985-05-31DefianceDefianceDefiance2627Never1vol. 12517, certificate 031395
ChandlerCynthiaA1983-03-05MarionMarionMarion272711vol. 11563, certificate 012818
ChandlerCynthiaA1976-11-06GreeneGreeneGreene1918NeverNevervol. 08795, certificate 081825
ChandlerCynthiaA1987-11-07GreeneGreeneGreene353211vol. 13553, certificate 080992