Family Search Is In the House

January 2, 2016

Family Search representative, John DeJong, along with Ashland County Probate Court Administrator, Nancy Dyer and Ohio Genealogical Society representative, Marleen Applegate met today at the Ashland County Probate Court to review and assess material for digitization. Exciting things are going to be happening in the next few months for Ashland County in regards to getting things digitized! Not only is Ashland County being looked at, but also Richland County, Lake County, Mahoning County, Muskingum County, Athens County, Fairfield County and Stark County. These counties were high on the priority list for Family Search. They plan to update and add to records that are important and not always known about or publicly available. The Ohio Genealogical Society is excited to be a partner in this undertaking.

John DeJong – Nancy Dyer – Marleen Applegate