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OGN Article Submissions

The editor encourages submissions by OGS members and others interested in Ohio family history research. Writing an article is a great way to share your expertise, build your professional credentials, or simply celebrate your success. The editor also welcomes press releases from organizations that cover Ohio genealogy and history.

The following types of content are requested:

  • News & People. Short blurbs about Ohioans and Ohio organizations in genealogical news, or national genealogical news relevant to OGS members. Genealogy-related awards to individuals or organizations, mainstream media coverage of successful Ohio genealogy events, member obituaries, stories of young Ohioans involved in genealogy, etc. Length: 200-800 words, depending on newsworthiness. Photos requested, when available. No advance query required; just send the news.

  • Feature Articles. Topics may have an anniversary or seasonal slant; describe newly-available record sets (in archives or on-line); or introduce the genealogy collections of Ohio repositories. "How-to" articles are welcome for both individual skill-building and chapter growth. Technology-related how-tos' are particularly requested. Occasionally, the editor may run historical features (ie, "Fraternal Benefit Societies in Ohio") if the topic has wide interest and introduces genealogically-interesting records. All features should be packed with specific details about Ohio resources. Length: 500-2000 words, depending on topic. Images or image suggestions encouraged. Please email the editor with your idea before submitting a full article.

  • Success Stories. This is a great place for everyday genealogists (not just the professionals) to share their genealogical journeys. Write about a specific experience you've had breaking through a brick wall, discovering a new ancestor, or getting to know a relative through their personal writings. Length: Up to 500 words. Include a photo of yourself, preferably with a prized genealogical artifact or at an ancestral site. No advance query required; just send your story.

  • Local Spotlights. These short pieces introduce a chapter, county, or city. May include a brief local history, description of ongoing chapter activities or projects. Should contain a description of local genealogical resources and repositories (include websites and digital resources). Length: About 500 words; photos requested when available. No advance query required; just send your story.

Please edit your article before you submit it. Delete extra words. Proofread for proper spelling, grammar, and current information. Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word files (or within the body of an email, if you don't use Word). Articles should not contain any formatting, such as tabs or indents, or any embedded objects. Single-space between sentences and double-space (no indents) between paragraphs.

The editor reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted article and to make editorial changes in articles accepted for publication. Authors will not be compensated, but all will receive credit for their work in the form of a by-line.

Submit images separately, with image source identified (we must have permission to use copyrighted images, and we do not pay for images). Old and new photos pertaining to Ohio may be submitted for cover consideration. Acceptable formats for images include JPEG, GIF, and TIFF.


All articles, announcements, and advertisements must be received by these dates. Earlier submissions are strongly encouraged to ensure a spot in the issue. Delivery dates are not guaranteed.

Spring Issue February 15, target delivery date April 15
Summer Issue May 15, target delivery date July 15
Fall Issue August 15, target delivery date October 15
Winter Issue November 1, target delivery date December 30


Ads may be sent as an email attachment to ogn@ogs.org. Advertisers must design their own ads, but the editors are available for assistance when requested.

Mail payment to: OGS, 611 State Route 97 West, Bellville OH 44813-8813. OGS accepts checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Any billing issues should be addressed through OGS at ogn@ogs.org or by calling 419-886-1903.

You may print an advertising form to mail in. Click here for the printable form.

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