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Guide to Cemetery Reference Sources at the OGS Library

Note: Check the catalog to find books with cemetery readings.

The OGS Cemetery Committee has compiled additional cemetery references and resources.

The cemetery directory, volume I. Youngstown, OH: Nomis Publications, Inc. 2000. [USA 973 CM332c]
Adamson, Carrie, editor. Summerville Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia. Augusta, GA: Augusta Genealogical Society, 1989. [GEORGIA 975.8 RICHMOND CM64s]
Anson-Cartwright, Tamara. Landscapes of memories: a guide for conserving historic cemeteries; repairing tombstones. Toronto, CN: Ministry of Citzenship, Culture and Recreation, Province of Ontario, 1998. [REF 929.1 CM82l]
Burek, Deborah M., editor. Cemeteries of the U.S.: a guide to contact information for U.S. cemeteries and their records. Detroit, MI: Gale Research, Inc., 1994. [Ready Reference]
Byrd, Dean H. Oregon burial site guide. Portland, OR: Binford & Mort Publishing, 2001. [OREGON 979.5 CM989o]
Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo. Your guide to cemetery research. Cincinnati, OH: Betterway Books, 2002. [Not on shelf yet; in sales area]
Chase, Theodore and Laurel K. Gabel. Gravestone chronicles: some eighteenth-century New England carvers and their works. Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society. 1990. [USA 973 CM387g]
Forbes, Harriette Merrifield. Gravestones of early New England and the men who made them 1653-1800. New York: Da Capo Press, 1967. [USA 973 CM788g]
Gillon, Edmund Vincent. Early New England gravestone rubbings. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. 1966. [USA 973 CM417e]
Jacobs, G. Walker. Stranger stop and cast an eye: a guide to gravestones & gravestone rubbing. Brattleboro, VT: The Stephen Greene Press, 1973. [REF 929.1 CM152s]
Lambert, David Allen. A guide to Massachusetts cemeteries. Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2002. [MASS 974.4 CM172g]
Markers: journal of the Association for Gravestone Studies. Lanham, MD: University Press of America. 1980- [USA Periodicals]
Meyer, Richard E., ed. Cemeteries & gravemarkers: voices of American culture. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 1992. [USA 973 CM332c]
Mytum, Harold. Recording and analyzing graveyards. (Practical handbooks in archaeology, no. 15). York, GB: Council for British Archaeology in Association with English Heritage, 2000. [REF 929.1 CM999r]
Strangstad, Lynette. A graveyard preservation primer. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press, 1995. [USA 973 CM81g]
Stemmons, John "D" and E. Diane Stemmons. The cemetery record compendium: comprising a directory of cemetery records and where they may be located. Logan, UT: The Everton Publishers, Inc., 1979. [USA 973 CM41c]
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Van Voorhies, Christine. Grave intentions: a comprehensive guide to preserving historic cemeteries in Georgia. LaGrange, GA: Historic Chattahoochee Commission, 2003. [GEORGIA 975.8 CM379g]
Wasserman, Emily. Gravestone designs: rubbings and photographs from early New York & New Jersey. New York: Dover Publications, 1972. [USA 973 CM283g]