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Cemetery Vertical Files

The following is a list of transcriptions of Ohio cemeteries that are found in the Ohio cemetery vertical files, arranged by county, at The Ohio Genealogical Society Library, Mansfield. These may or may not have been published in other sources. Volunteers did not record cemeteries in these files if they had been photocopied from published articles in the OGS periodicals OGS Quarterly (formerly The Report and Ohio Records and Pioneer Families. The two volunteers who completed 99% of the project were Frances Baker and Don Wenner. Typed by Tom Neel, Librarian.

The OGS Cemetery Committee has compiled additional cemetery references and resources.

County Cemetery Author Date
Adams Steam Furnace Hazel Williams 6 Apr 1953
Adams Louden Hazel Williams 6 Apr 1953
Adams Antioch Hazel Williams 6 Apr 1953
Adams Treber Hazel Williams 6 Apr 1953
Adams Louisville Methodist Hazel Williams 6 Apr 1954
Adams Brush Creek Church Baptist Hazel Williams 6 Apr 1954
Adams Hazelbaker, Jefferson Twp Linda Wilson 1967
Adams Blue Creek Hill, Jefferson Twp. Linda Wilson 1967
Adams Paul Lewis, Jefferson Twp. Wilma Brumley 1981
Adams Caraway, Jefferson Twp. Adams Co Gen -
Adams Cross, Jefferson Twp. Evelyn Scalf 1980
Adams Wintersteen, Jefferson Twp. Betty Lathrop 1981
Adams Fields    
Adams Setty Family, Jefferson Twp. Evelyn Scalf  
Adams Webb, Jefferson Twp. Betty Lathrop 1981
Adams Evans, Jefferson Twp. Betty Lathrop 1981
Adams Hubbard, Jefferson Twp.    
Adams Easterling, Jefferson Twp.    
Adams Cassell, Jefferson Twp.    
Adams Dr. Woods, Jefferson Twp.    
Adams Cook, Jefferson Twp.    
Adams Covert, Jefferson Twp.    
Adams Wamslyville ME Church, Jefferson Twp Adams Co Gen  
Adams Point, Green Twp.    
Adams Seaman, Scott Twp.    
Adams Oak Grove    
Adams West Union    
Adams Old West Family, Bratton Twp. Rev. John A. West 1980
Allen West Union D.M. Polser 1971
Allen Richards Phyllis Leech  
Allen East (Old Desenberg)    
Allen Barton-Stevenson    
Allen Desenberg, Jackson Twp. Fred Clum 1968
Allen Fisher, Jackson Twp. Fred Clum 1968
Allen Westpoint, Jackson Twp. Fred Clum 1968
Allen Smith, Auglaize Twp. R. Willson  
Allen Liberty Chapel, Jackson Twp. Fred Clum 1968
Allen Lafayette, Jackson Twp. Fred Clum  
Allen Bethlehem, Jackson Twp. Fred Clum  
Allen Hartshorn, Marion Twp.    
Allen Domer, Amanda Twp.    
Ashtabula First Congregational Church, Andover    
Ashtabula Maple Grove, Andover    
Ashtabula Unnamed, Harpersfield Twp. Charles H. Kohli 1999
Ashtabula Loomis, Windsor Twp. Raymond W. Fry  
Ashtabula Goold, Windsor Twp. Raymond W. Fry  
Ashtabula Pioneer, Orwell Richard E. Fry 1962
Ashtabula Pioneer, Windsor Twp. Raymond W. Fry 1982
Ashland Pioneer/Old Sixteen, Lake Twp. Rita Kopp 1987
Ashland Synagogue, Vermillion Twp. Tom Neel 1998
Athens Unnamed, Cannonsville Mrs WD Johnston 1969
Athens Mudsock, Amesville Mrs KL Newman 1975
Athens Guysville, Rome Twp. Nancy E. Aiken  
Auglaize Kaeck, Pusheta Twp. Mrs DJ Adams 1982
Auglaize Rupert aka Catholic aka St Peter, Pusheta Twp. 1993  
Auglaize Unnamed, Pusheta Twp.    
Auglaize Fairmont, Union Twp.    
Auglaize St. Marks Lutheran, Clay Twp   1927
Auglaize Scott, Pusheta Twp - see Shelby Co Lillian Taylor 1985
Belmont Old Ireland   1984
Belmont Old Dutch Clifford T. Wig 1975
Belmont Danford, near Armstrong Mills Mrs ZP Boose 1999
Belmont Egypt, Kirkwood Twp. Mary Jane Henney 1986
Belmont Taggart's Pres. Ch, Wheeling Twp Mary Jane Henney 1986
Belmont Ebenezer, Goshen Twp. John M. McKinley 1990
Belmont Plainfield, Richland Twp. John M. McKinley 1990
Belmont McGaughy, Smith Twp. John M. McKinley 1990
Belmont Scotch Ridge, Pease Twp.    
Belmont St. Clairsville Old    
Belmont Pipe Creek, Mead Twp.    
Belmont School Lot   1978
Belmont Sterling - Koste   1978
Brown Brookover, near Aberdeen Edna E Brookover 1980
Brown McCall, near Sardinia    
Butler Hatchin-Brelsfoard, Wayne Twp Marilyn J. Edwards  
Butler Withrow Susan Pottenger White 1978  
Butler Bone-Harris-Lintner, Milford Twp. K.M. Weiss 1982
Butler Phares-Chapel, Wayne Twp. Susan P. White 1987
Butler Venice Kathleen Fowler 1971
Butler Oxford History Butler Co  
Butler Township Chapel, Wayne Twp. Susan P. White  
Butler Colton Run Road, Wayne Twp. Gene Ann Cordes 1974
Carroll Oler, Perry Twp. Sara Finicum 1982
Carroll Belknap, Orange Twp. Sara Finicum 1982
Carroll Green Hill, Lee Twp. Dr/Mrs Geo Rankin 1983
Carroll Dennis, Fox Twp. Mabel Spindler 1972
Carroll Mt Zion ME Church, Augusta Twp.   1963
Carroll Westview    
Carroll Carroll County Home John Platt  
Carroll Family, Augusta Twp. Taylor C. Woodward 1964
Champaign Brittin, Goshen Twp. James Mahoy/Bill Saxbe 1986
Champaign Smith, Christiansburg   1974
Champaign Unnamed, two graves   1991
Champaign Concord   1990
Champaign Leatherwood, Brown Twp.   1994
Champaign Quaker, Rush Twp Barry First/Linda Ellis 1997
Champaign Quaker, Rush Twp Mrs Edgar Lutz/Mrs Carl Pooler 1959
Clark Abandoned, S. Charleston Margaret Grossenbach 1977
Clark Raphael, Springfield Twp. Anne Snodgrass 1976
Clark Knob Prairie, Mad River Twp Julie M. Overton 1973
Clark Vernon, Pleasant Twp Mahlon Neer/Alice Tavanner 1970
Clark Minnich, Bethel Twp Ada E. Lewis 1972
Clark Ferncliff, Springfield    
No Location Clark Family (in Clark Co file) Florence Monter  
Clermont Old Family, Batavia Twp Beech Forest DAR 1948
Clermont Marriott Family Geneva Hartman 1962
Clermont Old Robinson ME Ch, Stonelick Twp Mrs E Wm Monter 1955
Clermont Olive Branch, Batavia Twp Mrs E Wm Monter  
Clinton New Burlington, Chester Twp Mae Christy  
Clinton Sharon Methodist, Wilmington Opal Jasper/Mary Jane Wadsworth 1973
Clinton Robert, Vernon Twp   1975
Clinton Richland Methodist MJ Edgeworth 1963
Clinton Garrison, Marion Twp Joy G Cauffman 1992
Clinton Yeazel, Clarksville   2001
Coshocton Old Foste-McCullogh, Jackson Twp Debra Endsley 1979
Coshocton Wiggins, Lafayette Twp. Robert E Madison 1990
Coshocton Plainfield, Linton Twp.   1967
Coshocton Unnamed, Linton Twp.   1967
Crawford Roop, Liberty Twp Carolyn Heydinger 1988
Crawford Nature Preserve, Texas Twp Carolyn Heydinger 1988
Crawford Kruse, Liberty Twp Carolyn Heydinger 1988
Crawford Shroll, Whetstone Twp. Vicki Layman 1977
Cuyahoga West, 77 & Rockside Rd Dick Siche 1973
Cuyahoga Unnamed Mrs Glover Oatman 1969
Cuyahoga Russell Barrick Farm, nr Chagrin Falls   1940
Cuyahoga Warrensville East Mrs EH Sherman, Mrs WB Rawson 1927
Cuyahoga Warrensville West    
Cuyahoga Rice, near Brecksville   1967
Cuyahoga Original Parma, Pearl Road Parma Hts Hist Soc 1963
Cuyahoga Parma Public, Pleasant Valley   1992
Cuyahoga Unnamed, on Broadview near Spring Rd Richard Reese 1971
Cuyahoga Rice Cemetery #1, Barr Rd, west of Brecksville    
Cuyahoga Unnamed, Riverview Rd, east of Brecksville   1962
Cuyahoga Unnamed, nw of Chagrin Falls on SR 87   1961
Cuyahoga Unnamed, intersection SR 87 & Riverview   1962
Cuyahoga Old Chagrin Falls Cemetery   1961
Cuyahoga Hermoga Cemetery, near Independence   1962
Darke Dearhoff, Monroe Twp Ken & Billy Finton 1962
Darke Teegarden Christian Church, Brown Twp.   1974
Darke Strait, Jackson Twp Nadine Smith 1974
Darke Old Teegarden, Brown Twp Nadine Smith 1974
Darke Teegarden Christian, Brown Twp Nadine Smith 1974
Darke Dearhoff, Monroe Twp. Anna Lou Arnett 1986
Darke Union City at Union City OH Anita Short 1994
Defiance Old St Stephen Catholic, SR 24 Edna Scantlen  
Defiance Kent, Farmer Twp Lolita Guthrie 1992
Defiance Zion Lutheran Church, Milford Twp Phyllis Osmun 1970
Defiance Tamarack/Hard Corners, Milford Twp Phyllis Osmun 1970
Defiance Old Cemetery, SR 24 between Defiance & Antwerp   1967
Delaware Old Mill Creek, Scioto Twp M/M Carl Main  
Delaware New Millcreek, Scioto Twp M/M Carl Main  
Delaware Bokes Creek Cemetery, Scioto Twp    
Delaware Newhouse Cemetery, Scioto Twp M/M Carl Main  
Delaware FairView Cemetery, Scioto Twp M/M Carl Main  
Delaware Norton Cemetery Wilma Gillet  
Delaware Malborough, Malborough Twp Wilma Gillet  
Delaware Stratford, south of Delaware Grace Lavender 1961
Delaware Oak Grove, Delaware Iona King/Esther Powell 1971
Erie Baum, Sect. 4, Perkins Twp. J.T. Baum  
Erie Sandusky, Sandusky OH Stella Harris 1965
Fairfield Hosher/Hoshor, Bloom Twp. Marilyn Kovatch 1969
Fairfield Unnamed, SR 37, Berne Twp   1962
Fairfield Baltimore Methodist, Liberty Twp George Stillwell 1991
Fayette Washington Caroline Shaper  
Fayette Old Uniontown Methodist    
Fayette Salem-Loyd, Marion Twp Geo. Robinson etal 1961
Franklin Tussing, Madison Twp Geo. F. Barcis 1902
Franklin Primitive Baptist, Truro Twp.    
Franklin Powell, in Powell    
Franklin Seceders, Truro Twp Loraine Raiser  
Franklin North ME Church, Columbus (From 1909 list)   1962
Franklin Kempton    
Franklin Chenoweth, Pleasant Twp Mary & Clara Mark 1995
Franklin Greenlawn (portions) Meg Scott 1992
Franklin Camp Chase Harold Stone 1997
Franklin Obetz in Obetz   1960
Franklin Schuyler Suzanne Mettle 1995
Franklin Bobenmyer Suzanne Mettle 1995
Franklin Walnut Grove, Worthington   1979
Franklin Franklinton, Columbus Esther Powell 1982
Gallia McLeish Ann Dater 1975
Gallia John McCarley, Walnut Twp Walter McCarley  
Gallia Private McCarley, Morgan Twp Walter McCarley 1980
Gallia Mt Olivet, Morgan Twp Walter McCarley 1976
Gallia Ewington, Huntington Twp Walter McCarley 1980
Gallia Woods, Huntington Twp Walter McCarley 1980
Gallia Franklin, Huntington Twp Walter McCarley 1980
Gallia Pittsburg Church, Raccoon Twp Walter McCarley 1980
Gallia Watson, Bob Evans Farm    
Gallia Wood    
Gallia Mt Zion, Spring Twp Hetrich 1961
Gallia Denny   1963
Gallia Fairfield, Green Twp   1963
Gallia Long, Springfield Twp Earl Powell 1963
Geauga Old Bartlett Farm   1977
Geauga Abandon Cemetery Mrs Ernest Towne 1976
Geauga Thompson, Rt 528 & 166, Myers home Mrs Ernest Towne 1976
Geauga Unnamed, Thompson Center Mrs Ernest Towne 1976
Geauga Lee-Darby, Delhi Twp Mrs Wm Lawrence 1977
Greene Aley Chapel, Beavercreek Twp.    
Greene Middlerun, Sugar Creek Twp. Robert D. Craig 1968
Greene Woodland, Xenia Martha Helwagen 1964
Guernsey McCleary's, Jefferson Twp.   1962
Guernsey Antrim, Madison Twp.   1961
Guernsey Old Cambridge, Cambridge   1928 (1961)
Guernsey John Kackley Farm Cath. Fedorchak 1958
Guernsey North Salem Doris P. Beach  
Hamilton Spring Grove (portion), Cincinnati Jim Barnett 1981
Hamilton First Presbyterian, Cincinnati Mrs. C. Keister 1970
Hamilton White's Station, Cincinnati Mrs. C. Keister 1970
Hamilton Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian, Cinc. Mrs. C. Keister 1970
Hamilton Clough Baptist, Anderson Twp.   1936
Hamilton Ferris, Mariemont   1936
Hamilton Laboyteaux, Van Zandt & Hamilton Rd Esther Powell 1979
Hamilton Salem, Anderson Twp. Marie Dickore 1941
Hamilton Columbia Baptist Esther Powell 1981
Hamilton Rest Haven, Plainfield Rd Mary Remler 1990
Hamilton Clough, Anderson Twp Kenny Burck 1998
Hancock Zion Bloom, south of Vanlue Stauden Blatter  
Hancock Verboten, near Bishop Cemetery Louis Monthaven  
Hancock Arcadia, Washington Twp Evelyn Brewster/Janice Reddin  
Hancock Union, Biglick Twp. Janice Reddin  
Hancock Vickers, Washington Twp Evelyn Metcalf  
Hancock Adams, Delaware Twp Richard Willson  
Hardin Kindle, Liberty Twp Phil Long 1975
Hardin McElroy, Liberty Twp Phil Long 1975
Hardin Fisher Private, Dudley Twp Mrs Karl Bastian 1974
Hardin County Infirmary Estella Hites  
Hardin McArthur, McDonald Twp Mrs Wm Boecher  
Hardin Old Roundhead, Roundhead Richard Willson 1969
Hardin Hale, Interments for 1929, 1930, 1935 1995  
Hardin Huntersville, Cessna Twp. Sally Talbot  
Hardin Yelverton, Taylor Creek Twp. Larry Weaver 1998
Harrison Old Cadiz, Cadiz Milton Ronsheim 1972
Harrison Zion Lutheran, German Twp   1962
Harrison Mt Hope, Stock Twp.   1962
Harrison German #1 & #2, German Twp.   1962
Harrison Moravian Trail, Stock Twp.   1962
Harrison Weaver's Run, Franklin Twp.   1962
Harrison Cemetery Memorial, New Athens   1959
Harrison Feed Spring Church, Monroe Twp.   1962
Harrison Revolutionary War Veterans Wm. Henderson  
Harrison Buffalo Hill, German Twp. C.B. Wallace 1964
Henry Creager, east of Napoleon Mary Leonard 1982
Henry Bachman, Flatrock Twp., LaRue/Van Scoyoc   1993
Highland Old Dutch, New Market Twp.    
Highland Ohio Boston ME Church, Boston Williams 1962
Highland Boston New Light Christian, Paint Twp Williams 1962
Highland Fairfax ME Church, Concord Twp. Williams 1962
Hocking Nihizer, Falls Twp. J&E Muniskas 1980
Hocking Fought, Falls Twp. James Murphy  
Hocking Knollwood, Falls Twp. James Murphy  
Hocking Conrad, Good Hope Twp. James Murphy  
Hocking Ridenour, Good Hope Twp. James Murphy  
Hocking Wooden, Good Hope Twp. James Murphy  
Hocking County Home, Green Twp James Murphy  
Hocking Greendale or Norman, Green Twp. James Murphy  
Hocking Bohner, Salt Creek Twp.    
Hocking Conner, Ward Twp.    
Hocking Nunemaker, of Webb Summit Rd Robt. Geiger 1965
Hocking Conrad, Good Hope Twp. Craig Weaver 1983
Hocking Not named, Rt 664 SW of Logan Mrs. Conover 1973
Hocking Murray City Mitchell/Quinn 1998
Hocking Mikizer, Falls Twp. J&E Maniskas 1980
Hocking Gore, Falls Twp.    
Hocking Not named, Rt 664 -KOA Campground Mrs. Conover 1991
Holmes Clark (in Coshocton Co file)   1967
Holmes Correll, Ripley Twp. Correll/Kimber 1961
Holmes Cessna, Salt Creek Twp. Mrs. SB Fair 1965
Holmes Hopewell, Ripley Twp.    
Holmes Millersburg Area, Hardy Twp. Esther Powell 1961
Holmes Old Baptist, Ripley Twp. Kimber/Powell 1961
Holmes Fryburg, Salt Creek Twp.   1961
Holmes Wolf Creek Baptist, Richland Twp.   1961
Holmes Martin's Creek Mennonite, Berlin Twp   1961
Holmes Union Grove Church, Richland Twp   1961
Holmes Union Grove Oak Hill, Mechanic Twp   1961
Holmes Farmerstown Mennonite, Clark Twp Esther Powell 1961
Holmes McCullock, Prairie Twp. Marg. Dickinson 1960s
Holmes Not named, Clark Twp Esther Powell 1961
Holmes Not named, Clark Twp.   1961
Holmes Glenmont Catholic, Richland Twp.   1961
Holmes Fryburg Area, Salt Creek Twp.   1961
Holmes Clum Family, Paint Twp. Wandering Sexton  
Holmes Feikert, Paint Twp. Wandering Sexton  
Holmes Logsdon Mountain, Mechanic Twp. Harry Logsdon  
Holmes Drakes Valley, near Nashville Wandering Sexton  
Holmes George Elliott's Wandering Sexton  
Holmes Paint Valley Wandering Sexton  
Holmes Gorrell, Prairie Twp. Wandering Sexton  
Huron Keeler Family    
Huron East Norwalk, Norwalk Twp. M&H Timman 1960
Huron Butterfield, New London Twp. Henry Timman 1964
Huron Axe-Factory, Norwalk Twp. Henry Timman 1963
Huron FB Roscoe Farm, Greenwich Twp Grace Roscoe 1919
Huron Prosser, New London Twp Griffin/Timman  
Huron Litchfield, Richmond Twp. Henry Timman  
Huron Townsend Farm, New London Twp. Paula Griffin 1974
Huron Jenney Farm, Greenwich Twp Paul Griffin 1974
Huron Sparrow, Lyme Twp Henry Timman 1977
Huron Conger Farm, Greenfield Twp Mrs. Worchester 1976
Huron Hinkley, Fairfield Twp Henry Timman 1964
Huron Olena, Bronson Twp. Henry Timman 1964
Huron Townsend, Townsend Twp. Henry Timman 1960
Huron Five Points, Hartland Twp. Henry Timman 1963
Huron Hull, Bronson Twp. Henry Timman 1963
Huron Washburn, Greenwich Twp. Henry Timman 1960
Huron Church, Townsend Twp. Henry Timman 1960
Huron Burdue, Townsend Twp. Henry Timman 1960
Huron Hartland, Hartland Twp. Timman/Livengood 1963-4
Huron Drake, Ridgefield Twp. M&H Timman 1960
Huron Webb, Ridgefield Twp. M&H Timman 1960
Huron Ruggles, Ridgefield Twp. M&H Timman 1960
Huron Heyman, Sherman Twp Stella Harris 1963
Huron Day, Clarksfield Twp. L&S Harris 1962
Huron Edwards Grove, Ripley Twp L&S Harris  
Huron New Haven, New Haven Twp L&S Harris 1964
Huron Ripley Twp., Ripley Twp. L&S Harris  
Huron Fitchville, Fitchville Twp. L&S Harris 1962
Huron Bronson Twp., Bronson Twp. L&S Harris 1962
Huron Ketchum, New London Twp. L&S Harris 1962
Huron Not named, Townsend Twp. L&S Harris 1962
Huron Old Greenwich, Greenwich Twp. L&S Harris  
Huron Not named, Richmond Twp. L&S Harris 1964
Huron Burdue, Townsend Twp. L&S Harris 1962
Huron Hinckley-MacDonald, Fairfield Twp.    
Jackson West Family, south of Ash Hill Byron Kin 1974
Jackson Grahamville, Scioto Twp. Swiger/Peery 1982
Jackson Hamilton (partial) Swiger/Peery 1982
Jackson Hale, Franklin Twp. Mayburt Riegel 1971
Jackson Gay Street, Jackson City 1969  
Jackson Callaghan, Madison Twp. Mrs. Robt Horton 1967
Jackson Paine, Madison Twp. D.W. Williams 1978
Jackson Lively-Sullivan, Lick Twp. Claire Louden 1977
Jackson McKeever/McGiffin, NE of Jackson Robert Fall 1977/1980
Jackson Not named, SR 124 & SR 327 Claire Louden 1977/1980
Jackson Campbell/Wykle, on old SR 124 Claire Louden 1977
Jackson Rice, Jackson Twp. Claire Louden 1977
Jackson Hale, Franklin Twp. Virginia Hallam 1971
Jackson Franklin, Washington Twp. Cathy McGrath 1975
Jackson Red Brush, Washington Twp. M/M C.M. Reed 1940
Jefferson Oliver Church, Wells Twp. JD&M Wolfe 1973
Jefferson Russell, Brush Creek Twp. Mrs. Carson 1972
Jefferson Harrisville, at Harrisville E.S. Baldwin 1976
Jefferson Mt Tabor, Island Creek Twp. Gwynne Nixon 1962
Jefferson Oakland, Mingo Junction   1997
Jefferson Irish Ridge/Russell   1972
Jefferson Osage Church, Knox Twp.   1964
Jefferson Bacon Ridge, Ross Twp. R. Hetrick 1964
Jefferson Lloyd's/Oliver, Wells Twp. J&L Wolfe 1973
Jefferson Matthews, Wells Twp J&L Wolfe 1973
Jefferson Dennis, Brush Creek Twp Line Mrs. Bergholz 1972
Jefferson Old Tent, Mingo Junction O.A. Tarr  
Jefferson Amsterdam Arthur L. Gregg 1970
Jefferson Mt. Tabor, Island Creek Twp. Hammond Crawford 1962
Jefferson Not named O.A. Tarr  
Lake Painesville, City of Painesville Margaret Lapham 1971
Lawrence Not named, stone in cornfield Betty Clarkson 1991
Lawrence Yates, Aid Twp. Rev. Wm. Miller  
Lawrence Baptist, Windsor Twp. Rev. Wm. Miller  
Lawrence Cosper, Symmes Twp. Rev. Wm. Miller  
Lawrence Rehoboth, Symmes Twp. Rev. Wm. Miller  
Lorain Oberlin, at Oberlin    
Lorain Columbia Center, Columbia Twp.   1960
Lorain Penfield, Penfield Twp.   1960
Lorain Baker, Columbia Twp. Dr. Wm Saxbe 1985
Madison Linson, Stokes Twp Ed & Grace Yerian 1970
Madison Blair (paritial)    
Madison Jackson, Fairfield Twp. Ed & Grace Yerian 1968
Madison West Jefferson, at West Jefferson D.E. Phillips 1904
Madison Bradley, Monroe Twp. Stephen Bradley  
Madison Wright Family, on Glade Rd David Ridenour 1977
Madison Timmons, Oak Run Twp. Ed & Grace Yerian 1984
Madison McDonald, Glad Run Rd Ed & Grace Yerian 1995
Mahoning East Goshen Friends Church, nr Salem Stratton 1974
Mahoning Cotton Private, Austintown Twp Bill Houston 1980
Mahoning unnamed, N of junction 7 & 14 Jean Norris  
Mahoning Summers, Springfield Twp Cynthia Sharish  
Mahoning Oatley, Bazetta Twp John Gessner 1971
Mahoning Riverbank, Milton Twp John Gessner 1968
Mahoning Covenanter, Milton Twp Robert Wallace 1999
Marion Waldo, edge of Marion County - in Delaware file Wilma Gillet  
Marion Wyatt, Waldo Twp. Clara Marie 1949
Marion Prospect, Prospect Twp. Clara Marie 1952
Marion Salem George Tron 1990
Marion Bonner, La Rue Iris Knapp, Altie Birt 1979
Marion Miscellaneous stones   1922
Marion Wyatt, Waldo Twp. Wilma Thomas  
Marion Rupp, Pleasant Twp    
Marion Underwood, Claridon Twp Paul J. Midlam 1982
Medina Medina City,Old    
Medina Esselburn, Homer Twp. 1975  
Medina Spitzer, Lafayette Twp 1962  
Medina Waltz Evangelical UB, Lafayette Twp 1975  
Medina East Granger, Granger Twp Imogene Bowen 1978
Medina Ganyard Farm, Granger Twp Marilyn Welch 1968
Meigs Flatwoods, Chester Twp Allen et al. 1990
Meigs Bibbee, Letart Twp    
Meigs Letart Falls, Letart Twp Grace Tolson 1958
Meigs Middleport, at Middleport - see Hardin file Mrs Wm Boecher  
Meigs Half Acres & Rawlings, Columbia Twp Mrs S Townsend 1980
Meigs Temple, Columbia Twp Mrs S Townsend 1972
Meigs School Lot, Columbia Twp Mrs S Townsend 1977
Mercer Old St Elizabeth, Butler Twp Edward Mohncke 1937
Mercer Young, Coldwater Cecile Keister 1967
Mercer Swamp College Cecile Keister 1967
Mercer Ellis, Franklin Twp Susan P. White 1983
Miami Palmer Chapel, Bethel Twp Ruth Mohr 1994
Monroe Dougherty, Washington Twp Ralph Dougherty 1983
Monroe Hartshorn, Wayne Twp Rita Bone Kopp 1982
Monroe Potts, Center Twp Ruth Hogue 1991
Monroe Masterton, Bethel Twp Ruth Hogue 1986
Monroe Ruble, Switzerland Twp    
Montgomery Old Clemmer, Perry Twp Mrs Wm Kettler  
Montgomery Erbaugh, Perry Twp Mrs Wm Kettler  
Montgomery Pfoutz or Fouts, Perry Twp Mrs Wm Kettler  
Montgomery unnamed, Clay Twp Don Bowman 1977
Montgomery Calvary, Van Buren Twp Don Bowman 1977
Montgomery Mt Hope, Green Twp Mrs Geo Wagner  
Montgomery Germantown, at Germantown Cecile Keister 1967
Montgomery Sunbury, near Germantown Cecile Keister 1967
Montgomery unnamed Martha Helwagen  
Montgomery Stillwater Lutheran, Butler Twp 1973  
Morgan several small cemeteries Mrs. Alderman  
Morgan McConnelsville   1961
Morgan Ebenezer M.E. Chuch, Meigsville Twp   1961
Morgan Meigs, Bristol Twp.   1961
Morrow Elliott, near Cardington Jim Brown  
Morrow Unnamed, Troy Twp    
Morrow Lutheran, North Woodbury    
Morrow Hershner, between Mt Gilead & Edison    
Morrow Hassler, Troy Twp Betty Stumbo 1982
Morrow Yankee Street, Franklin Twp Harry Squires 1990
Muskingum Bethel, Newton Twp. Florence Main 1955
Muskingum Brelsford, Adams Twp Adkins & Fowler  
Muskingum Gabriel, Perry Twp Ione Supplee 1997
Muskingum Adams Mill, Madison Twp   1961
Muskingum Duncan Falls, Wayne Twp   1961
Muskingum Frazeysburg Area, Jackson Twp   1961
Muskingum Dingey Farm, Meigs Twp. D.W. Kern  
Muskingum Greenwood, Zanesville    
Noble John Kackley Farm - see Muskingum C. Fedorchak 1958
Noble Kellar Susan Ratcliffe 1976
Noble Brookfield Baptist Lois Blake 1983
Noble Wiley Family, Olive Twp. Juliana Clark et al 1990
Noble Bennington, Enoch Twp   1960
Ottawa Danbury, Danbury Twp Marlin Wolcott 1970
Paulding Wiltsie Richard Griswold 2000
Paulding Church of God, Washington Twp    
Perry Stoltz Farm, Jackson Twp David Stoltz 1977
Perry First United Methodist, New Lexington Mr. Wright 1953
Perry McClelland Judith Jasper 1995
Pike Mound, Piketon Jan Hughes  
Pike Hatfield, Jackson Twp Jean Urban  
Pike Baptist, Jackson Twp Jean Urban 1984
Pike Hammon Church, Seal Twp Kathryn Donohue  
Pike Miscellaneous cemeteries Bernice Hammond 1975
Pike Mt Gilead, Scioto Twp Kathryn Donohue 1976
Pike Gordon Farm, Marion Twp M/M Brundage 1972
Pike Miscellaneous cemeteries Opal McCracken 1988
Pike Omega Old, Jackson Twp Bernice Hammond 1969
Pike Ruckman, Union Twp Bernice Hammond  
Pike Piketon Mound Bernice Hammond  
Pike Haskins, Scioto Twp. Bernice Hammond  
Pike Newland-Wall, Pebble Twp. Robert D. Craig  
Portage Hayden, south of Deerfield Circle Jane Hutmacher 1976
Portage Unknown on Ranfield Rd Marilyn Welch 1968
Portage Center, Randolph Twp St John & Welch 1967
Portage Pioneer Trail, Manuta Twp St John & Welch 1964
Portage Unnamed (in Ashtabula Co file)    
Portage Mantua West Lawn, SR 82   1910
Portage Mantua Center    
Portage Hiram East Lawn, at Hiram Esther Powell  
Portage Atwater, Atwater Twp G. Franic 1969
Preble Old Town, West Alexandria    
Preble Tillman-Hunt, Harrison Twp Short & Bowers 1965
Preble Beechwood, Israel Twp Mrs Don Short 1967
Preble Fairview, Lanier Twp    
Preble Bank Spring Church Susan P White 1978
Preble Bell, off Lexington Rd W    
Preble Tillman A.V. Priddy 1947
Preble Eby, Lanier Twp    
Putnam Old Poplar Ridge, Blanchard Twp Frances Davidson 1967
Putnam Update for many cemeteries   1994
Richland Tyler-Pollard, Madison Twp S Peters & T Neel 1993
Richland Unknown Westgate  
Richland Old Center, Perry Twp    
Richland Wolford, Weller Twp Betty Rogers  
Richland Strausbaugh Baptist, near Lexington Peters & Hidinger 1998
Ross Bishop Hill ME Church, Huntington Twp Rosalie Hartinger 1975
Ross Venice Kathleen Fowler 1971
Ross Green Lawn, Chillicothe    
Sandusky Ludwig, Jackson Twp Florence Main 1953
Sandusky Underwood, Claridon Twp Jim Midlam  
Sandusky Tew, Townsend Twp Marcella Tew 1973
Scioto John Dever, Morgan Twp    
Scioto Riverview, Madison Twp Caryn Shoemaker 1977
Scioto Stockham, Harrison Twp Caryn Shoemaker 1976
Scioto Private, Porter Twp Caryn Shoemaker 1976
Scioto Old Dutch, Porter Twp Caryn Shoemaker 1976
Scioto Bennett, Bloom Twp Caryn Shoemaker 1976
Scioto Thompson, north of New Boston Carrie Hammond  
Scioto Squires, Madison Twp Caryn Shoemaker 1976
Scioto Highland Bend, Porter Twp Thomas Peery 1975
Scioto Unnamed, Greene Twp Ron Bocard 1976
Scioto Martin, Morgan Twp Frances Koch et al  
Seneca Caroline, Venice Twp Bates & Chilcote 1974
Seneca Dunkard Church, Bloom Twp Houyouse & Gernert 1982  
Seneca Bloomville Quarry Linda Houyouse 1982
Seneca Baugher, Eden Twp Phyllis Leech 1972
Seneca Liberty Center, Liberty Twp Herbert & Chaney  
Seneca Disinger, Jackson Twp   1998
Seneca Fireside Donna ? 1996
Seneca Zion Lutheran, Jackson Twp Mrs. F.E. Fish 1959
Seneca Randall, Eden Twp Mrs. B. Chilcote 1971
Shelby Unnamed    
Shelby Pioneer, Green Twp Roy E. Lacy 1966
Shelby Lock Twp Rd Richard Willson 1961
Shelby Wesley Chapel, east of Kirkwood Roy E. Lacy 1975
Shelby Old Laramie Valley, Dinesmoore Twp Roy E. Lacy 1964
Shelby Brookside - see Mercer Co file Roy E. Lacy 1967
Stark Hill Family, Plain Twp M.J. Edgeworth 1963
Stark Miscellaneous cemeteries M.J. Edgeworth 1963
Stark High Church, at Doylestown Mary Harter 1973
Stark Mudbrook, near Shriver Rd   1953
Stark Greenridge, Pike Twp Mrs Howenstine  
Stark Fox, at Alliance Jane Hutmacher 1979
Summit Unnamed, at East Richfield Mrs. R. Tubar 1972
Summit Greensburg, Green Twp Beverley Coss 1975
Summit Anshefard, Glenmount & Swartz Rds    
Summit Copley, Copley Twp   1953
Summit Grill, Bath Twp Esther Powell 1953
Summit East Bath, Bath Twp   1962
Summit Stony Hill, Bath Twp   1962
Summit Columbia Rd, Richfield Twp Cross & Host 1989
Summit Newton, Richfield Twp Virginia Carter  
Summit St Vincent's Catholic Esther Powell 1960
Summit Weston, at East Akron Mrs CB Johnson 1929
Summit Milheim, Springfield Twp Kern & St John 1975
Summit Glendale, at Akron    
Summit Mt Peace, Portage Twp Esther Powell 1960
Summit Grill - St. Peters Church (in Butler Co file)    
Trumbull various cemeteries Raymond Fry 1973
Trumbull Latimer, Bloomfield Twp    
Trumbull Young Farm, at Farmington    
Trumbull Smith, Mecca Twp    
Trumbull Paynes Corners, Brookfield Twp Fred L. Martin  
Trumbull North Bloomfield Raymond W. Fry 1986
Trumbull Hartford, Hartford Twp   1899
Tuscarawas Mt Calvary, at Dennison Virginia McGuire 1989
Tuscarawas Strasburg, at Strasburg   1997
Tuscarawas Frys Valley Moravian, Clay Twp Gwen Curtis  
Tuscarawas Unknown cemeteries Ohio Democrat  
Tuscarawas Fiat, near Ragersville    
Tuscarawas Pleasant Grove, Rush Twp M/M H.C. Crabtree 1984
Tuscarwas Roswell, Goshen Twp (in Hocking Co file)    
Union Bouic, Millcreek Twp Margaret Bouic 1972
Union Watkins, Millcreek Twp Margaret Bouic 1972
Union Unknown cemetery Eleanor Congrove  
Union Bethlehem Eleanor Congrove  
Van Wert Unknown Cemetery, Harrison Twp Alice Hedges  
Vinton Nunemaker, Falls Twp Oran Nunemaker 1974
Vinton Keeton, Brown Twp Betty J. Tigner 1980
Vinton Scott, Harrison Twp. (in Hocking Co file) Oran Nunemaker 1982
Warren Baptist, Turtle Creek Twp W.H. Bears 1975
Warren Mount, Harlan Twp Dick & Wanda Sowers 1996
Warren Various cemeteries - Rev War   1999
Washington Fifteen Marjorie Straight 1973
Washington Lawton Family, at Fleming Mrs. R. Lee  
Washington Valley, at Marietta    
Washington Newbury Harold T. Hill 1969
Washington Grandview, in Grandview Twp    
Washington Sprague-Devol, at Coal Run Budd L. Sprague 1978
Wayne Thompson, Salt Creek Twp Buddy Burge 2001
Wayne Tracy, East Union Twp   1959
Wayne Barton, Wayne Twp. (in Ashland file) Bonnie Knox 1993
Williams Beaver Creek, Jefferson Twp Doris Rath 1984
Wyandot Gertrude Orians, Salem Twp    
Wyandot Unnamed Richard Bartle 1980
Wyandot Friends, Sycamore Twp Richard Willson  
Wyandot Terry Hill, Marseilles Twp Richard Willson 1961