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Guide to Native American Resource Guides at the OGS Library

General History

Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1879 through 1927. Washington DC: Government Printing Office. [USA 973 NA78a]
Carter, Kent. The Dawes Commission and the Allotment of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1893-1914. Orem, UT: Ancestry.com Incorporated, 1999. [USA 973 NA245d]
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Generational Accounts

Mitchell, S.H. The Indian Chief, Journeycake. 1895, reprint by Helen York Rose. Ozark, MO: Dogwood Printing, 1990. [USA 973 NA695i]
Rose, Helen York. I Walked the Footsteps of my Fathers. Ozark, MO: Dogwood Printing, 1989. [USA 973 NA72i]


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Local Resources - Ohio

Encyclopedia of Ohio Indians: Tribes, Nations and People of the Woodlands Areas. 2 vols. St. Clair Shores, MI: Somerset Publishers, Inc. 1998. [OHIO 977.1 NA19e]
Finley, James B. History of the Wyandott Mission at Upper Sandusky, Ohio under the Direction of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Cincinnati: J.F. Wright and L. Swormstedt, 1840. [Rare Book - MSS Room.]
Honsberger, Lonny L. A Book of Diagrams and Index of Indian Landholders on the Wyandot Reservation, Wyandot County, Ohio at Time of Cession. Upper Sandusky, OH: The Author, 1989. [OHIO 977.1 NA759b]
Indian Stories of Ohio. Members of the Ohio Society, Daughters of the American Colonists, 1974-1979. [OHIO 977.1 NA3i]
Kaufman, Paul. Indian Lore of the Muskingum Headwaters of Ohio [reprint of work by W.E. Farver]. Author, 2nd printing, 1987. [OHIO 977.1 NA252i ]
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Blankenship, Bob. Cherokee Roots [Rolls - 1835 Henderson, 1848 Mulloy, 1851 Siler, 1852 Chapman, 1883 Hester, 1908 Churchill, 1924 Baker]. The Author, 1978. [USA 973 NA611c ]
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Cherokee-Delaware Census, 1867. [7RA73-1 MICROFILM]
Citizens 1852 Cherokee Nation, Drennen Roll. [7RA01-0001 MICROFILM]
Eastern Cherokee 1848-1852, Siler Roll. [7RA06-0001 MICROFILM]
Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914. [M1186-22 MICROFILM]
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