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Ohio Civil War Roster

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS) is a cooperative project of the National Park Service, the Federation of Genealogical Societies, and numerous genealogical and historical societies. The names index was created by entering the data found on the General Index Cards to the Compiled Military Records.

The Ohio Genealogical Society was responsible for entering the Ohio soldiers in the CWSS. Nearly 400 volunteers worked on the Ohio portion of the project, resulting in a database of almost 400,000 soldiers' names. The data presented here is the result of their efforts and is shared with the public via the OGS website with permission of the CWSS.

Researchers are encouraged to visit the CWSS website www.civilwar.nps.gov/cwss/ to search in other states and to read unit histories and battle summaries.


This database may be searched in the following ways:

  • Fuzzy -- will search for that string of characters. Searching for Johns will yield Johns, Johnson, Johnston, etc.
  • Exact -- will search for that exact text only. Searching for Johns would yield only Johns.
  • Soundex -- will search for Soundex equivalent. Searching for Johns would yield Johns, Jonns, Jones, etc.

None of the fields are required. To see a roster of a particular regiment, enter the regiment information without the name of a soldier. You can also see the roster of a specific company in a regiment by searching for just the company and regiment information. Searching for an entire regiment can take some time.

NOTE: the system will return a maximum of 5,000 records per search.

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