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The Ohio Genealogy Society Speakers Bureau

POWELL, Elissa Scalise, GRS
730 Highpoint Drive
Wexxford, Pa. 15000-7571
T Anytime, Evenings only
F Mileage, Food Lodging, $50 Honorarium

Elissa Scalise Powell, a Certified Genealogical Record Specialist, does professional research and teaches beginning genealogy courses at two Community Colleges. She is a lifetime member of OGS, member of the First Families of Ohio, Civil War Families of Ohio, Pioneer Families of Mahoning County, and Early Families in Cleveland. She is one of the editors of the North Hills Genealogists )of Pittsburgh) Pioneer Cemeteries series and is the society's past President. She also has served as President and Program Chairperson of the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. She is a Director of the Association of Professional Genealogists, a member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, and the Association for Gravestone Studies. She has spoken at the NGS and FGS annual conferences as will as many Chapter of OGS, and has appeared in the Ancestors 2 PBS-TV series.


  • Messages from the Grave: Listening to Your Ancestor's Tombstone
  • Publishing for Fun & Profit: Your Project Should be Fun
  • Your Own Detective Story: The How & Why of Genealogy
  • Hints for Finding your Ancestor's Passenger List
  • Dancing Around the Neighborhood with the Census Taker
  • Ignite Your Society with that Pioneer Spirit Develop a First Family Program
  • What's Prothonotary? Your Guide to Pennsylvania Court Houses
  • Sailing Into The Sunset: Tips for Finding Your Ancestors on Passenger Lists
  • The Research Cycle: Don't Petal Backwards
  • Even When There is No Will There is a Way: Examining Probate Records
  • How Did My Pennsylvania Ancestor Get Here?
  • Entering the 4th Dimension: Using Timelines as Research Tools
  • Light Their Fire: Teaching Adult Genealogy Classes
  • The Board for Certification of Genealogists: What is it and How do I Apply

Special notes.
All of these 1 hour lectures require and overhead projector and screen. No 1 needs slide projector.