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OGS Website Upgrade

It is an exciting time, once again, to be a member of this Society and involved with its goals for the future. During the last year and half, the Board has been actively engaged in working on a Strategic Plan for the future of the Society. We are changing things – and change can be very good!

About a year ago, members were sent a survey asking for their input on future endeavors for the Society. Loud and strong, the message conveyed was that OGS needed a new, user-friendly website. A reputable web development company has been hired to make the new website a reality. However, the new website comes at a price. We have had some donations made to the library for the sole purpose of developing technology; but, it isn’t enough to cover this expense. You have helped us before, and we are asking you to please help us again.

By developing a new website it will allow us to actively pursue adding more digitized content to the website. Online membership will be streamlined and the site will work across all platforms: computer, phones, tablets, etc. The website will be built in at least two phases over the next two years. Future phases will include the ability to present webinars and much more. Please consider donating to this exciting adventure for OGS.

New Membership Benefit

Pictures and documents form a large part of our genealogical research. Unfortunately with the aging process, pictures fade and documents become difficult to read. Enter Vivid-Pix. This program can help you to easily restore those aging pictures and documents to their original glory, often with just one click! Login to the members-only page for more information.

OGS Writing Contest

OGS is sponsoring its genealogical writing contest to reward amateur and professional genealogical authorship and to fill the pages of its renowned journals with quality articles. All entries fitting the criteria will be considered for publication in Ohio Genealogy News (OGN) or the Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly (OGSQ). Editors will select the appropriate journal for each winning article. Prizes will be awarded as follows: $50, first place; $25, second place; $15, third place. In addition, each prize winner will receive a one-year membership to OGS. Entries for the 2020 contest are currently being accepted. Submission deadline is 31 January 2020. Articles must be submitted according to the Ohio Genealogical Society Writing Contest Rules and Style Guide. For questions please contact writingcontest@ogs.org.



Find Your Family History with OGS

Tracing your roots is fascinating and rewarding — and tricky sometimes. The Ohio Genealogical Society makes it easier and more fun! Local chapters throughout the state host regular meetings that cover the how-tos in a casual group setting. Annual state conferences, summer workshops, boot camp for beginners — all offer assistance for beginners and even experienced family history researchers. Online databases and educational resources help members find ancestors in Ohio and beyond. Publications target Ohio research and history.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of membership.

Win-Win is Still Available!

OGS is excited to re-introduce a proven membership program which benefits OGS and OGS chapters as well. Effective immediately, new members to OGS may designate that their local OGS chapter receives a $5.00 rebate from their new membership application. This does not apply to renewals. Dues are $40.00 for twelve months for a single membership. Other rates are available here. Download this form and join now!