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The Ohio Genealogical Society can help you find the right material for your research, and help you discover more about your early Ohio ancestors and the contributions they made to their communities.

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“I made the connections that mattered!”

Online research was great, but I wanted to learn more. With the OGS, I was able to meet people who could guide me through real source material. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s a puzzle I am now able to solve. Thanks OGS!

About the Ohio Genealogical Society

Since 1959, we have been one of the nation’s leading state genealogical societies.

The Ohio Genealogical Society uniquely creates a network of Ohio expertise that lets genealogists discover their families so they feel personally enriched and confident in their results. Our mission is: Protecting and sharing Ohio’s family history resources, developing engaging educational opportunities, and connecting genealogists.

Ohio has been the new frontier, the crossroads of America, and the center of American industry. Ohio is the heart of it all. People throughout the state, across the country, and around the world have roots in Ohio. We’re here to help you find yours.

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Solving the Puzzle: Why The Right Material Matters

From Lake Erie to the Ohio River, from Youngstown to Toledo, Ohio has a deep and rich history.

You might be looking for the home where your great-grandparents were born. You might be looking to find who your great-great grandmother married after her first
husband died in the Civil War. You might be looking for an old deed to find where your family’s business or home was built.

You won’t find all of that online. You can only find that by searching the right material. You can only find your past by looking at it when it was the present. We’ll teach you how to do that.

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