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Episode 23 – Kevin Borland, 24 June 2024

Join us on the latest episode of the OGS Ohio Roots podcast as we discuss with Kevin Borland of Borland Genetics how they go about recreating the DNA of ancestors and how that information can be used to aid in genealogical research. It’s a fascinating topic! (28 minutes)

Episode 22 – Timothy G. Anderson, 10 June 2024

This episode of the OGS Ohio Roots podcasts features Dr. Timothy G. Anderson, a historical geographer with research interests in the historical settlement geography of Ohio during the early National period and a long-standing interest in the cultural landscapes associated with Germanic Diasporas. He is the co-editor of Settling Ohio: First Peoples and Beyond. (37 minutes)

Episode 21 – Bonnie Wade-Mucia, 27 May 2024

This episode of the OGS Ohio Roots podcast Executive Director and host Noel Poirier speaks with Bonnie Wade-Mucia, Director of the Mayflower Families Silver Books Project at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD). (22 minutes)

Episode 20 – Jay Stoneman, 13 May 2024

Jay Stoneman is the twenty-something President of the Carroll County Chapter of OGS and in this episode we discuss how he became interested in genealogy, the activities of the Carroll County Chapter, reaching out to younger audiences, mentoring, and more. (25 minutes)

Episode 19 – Marge Stefanski, 29 April 2024

We speak with Marge Stefanski of the Toledo Polish Genealogical Society (TPGS) on the this episode of the OGS Ohio Roots podcast. We discuss the Polish history and neighborhoods of Toledo, the activities of the TPGS, and researching Polish ancestors. (23 minutes)

Episode 18 – Kristin Wenger, 15 April 2024

This episode OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with LegacyTree genealogist Kristin Wenger about the unique challenges and opportunities presented in researching Ohio Moravian ancestors and Moravian ancestry in general. (23 minutes)

Episode 17 – Erin Harris, 1 April 2024

Ohio Roots speaks with Erin Harris, webmaster for the Montgomery County Chapter of OGS, in our latest episode. We discuss how the chapter has embraced technology, the importance of a website, Erin’s own genealogical explorations, and much more! (29 minutes)

Episode 16 – Steve Little, 18 March 2024

Join us for the latest episode of the Ohio Roots podcast where we speak with the National Genealogy Society’s AI Program Director, Steve Little. Steve discusses the use of artificial intelligence in conducting genealogical research and where that technology is taking genealogy in the future. You don’t want to miss this discussion! (28 minutes)

Episode 15 – Lochlyn Ramsey, 4 March 2024

OGS Executive Director speaks with Lochlyn Ramsey, a young man who took it upon himself to transcribe the memoir of an early 20th century resident of Huron County. (20 minutes)

Episode 14 – Garry Knight, 19 February 2024

OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with Garry Night, President of the Montgomery County Chapter of OGS about the chapter’s history, programs, and his own genealogical explorations. (32 minutes)

Episode 13 – Billie Stone Fogarty, 5 February 2024

OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with noted genealogist Billie Stone Fogarty of HeritageTrackers, LLC about conducting Indigenous Peoples’ genealogical research and the challenges of undertaking such research. She provides tips on how to get started and where to look. (36 minutes)

Episode 12 – James Beidler, 22 January 2024

James Beidler joins the Ohio Roots podcast to discuss the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania with OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier in the newest episode. James is currently serving as the GSP’s Interim Executive Director. Visit genpa.org for more information on the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. (27 minutes)

Episode 11 – OGS Archivist Jenna Kish, 8 January 2024

The OGS’s Archivist Jenna Kish speaks with Ohio Roots about her role preserving and making accessible the important archival collections of the Ohio Genealogical Society held in the Lyle H. West Archives at the OGS Samuel D. Isaly Library in Bellville, Ohio. She also discusses how to prepare a collection for donation to the OGS (or anywhere) and what happens to those collections when they arrive. (33 minutes)

Episode 10 – Thomas Cirincione, 26 December 2023

Our guest on this episode of the OGS Ohio Roots podcast is Thomas Cirincione, President of the Cleveland Italian Ancestry Organization (CIAO). We discuss CIAO, its activities and programs, researching Ohio’s Italian immigrant community, and more. You can learn more about CIAO at their website (ciaocle.com) and you can also find them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ClevelandItalianAncestryOrganization). (28 minutes)

Episode 9 – Todd Kleismit, 11 December 2023

OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with Todd Kleismit, Executive Director of the America-250 Ohio initiative. America 250-Ohio is a multi-year commemoration where Ohioans from all 88 counties will be in the spotlight of the impact Ohio’s unique role in our nation’s story. Todd explains the effort, what is planned, and how organizations can become involved. For more information visit: https://america250-ohio.org/ (31 minutes)

Episode 8 – Deb Deal and the 2024 OGS Conference, 22 November 2023

In this special bonus episode of the Ohio Roots podcast Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with Deb Deal, Co-Chair of the 2024 OGS Conference, about what is planned for the 2024 OGS Conference in April 2024 at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio. (20 minutes)

Episode 7 – LaJoy Mosby, 13 November 2023

This episode OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with LaJoy Mosby, President of the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society about the society and its activities and the challenges of researching African-American ancestors. You can learn more about the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society at their website: www.aahgs.org (30 minutes)

Episode 6 – Tammy Sloan Pelton, 30 October 2023

Our guest on this episode is Tammy Sloan Pelton, the President of the Ashland County Chapter, OGS. She speaks with OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier about the chapter’s history, its efforts to engage with new members and the community, and her own genealogical experiences and accomplishments. You can learn more about the Ashland County Chapter, OGS by visiting their website at www.ashlandccogs.org. (29 minutes)

Episode 5 – Karynne Moses, 16 October 2023

This episode OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with genealogist Karynne Moses of Moses Genealogy Research and Translation. Karynne’s research focuses on German and Portuguese genealogy and she offers tips and information on how she goes about her research and the challenges it presents. Karynne can be found at mosesgen.com. (26 minutes)

Episode 4 – Austin Reid, 2 October 2023

OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with Austin Reid. Mr. Reid, a native of Lancaster, Ohio has been exploring the stories of Ohio’s smaller and vanished Jewish communities since 2017. His research has been featured in several media outlets including The Canton Repository, Columbus Jewish News, Richland Source, Steubenville Herald-Star, Zanesville Times Recorder, and WOSU. (27 minutes)

Episode 3 – Linda Swanson, 18 September 2023

This episode OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with the OGS Librarian Linda Swanson. Linda began with OGS as its Digital Librarian in September 2019. Today she manages the library’s print collections, supervises the archive collections, directs the library’s digital projects, oversees the computers and technology, and more! Her undergraduate work was done at Denison University in Granville (majors in English literature and music) and her Master’s in Library and Information Science was secured from Kent State University. She has also worked at the Newberry Library in Chicago and the Ashland University Library. (33 minutes)

Episode 2 – Peggy Lauritzen, 4 September 2023

OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier speaks with Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG, FOGS in this episode. Peggy serves as a Family History Director, and is a frequent conference speaker. She is the author of several Legacy QuickGuides on Appalachia, she is also an instructor at Ancestry Academy, Family Tree University, and a columnist for Reminisce magazine.  Peggy was recently named a Fellow of the Ohio Genealogical Society. (24 minutes)

Episode 1 – Sunny Morton, 21 August 2023

Join OGS Executive Director Noel Poirier as he speaks with noted genealogists and speaker Sunny Jane Morton. Sunny is known to Ohio audiences as the past Editor of Ohio Genealogy News, which she did for 10 years. She’s also a longtime Contributing Editor at Family Tree Magazine and the Content Manager over at Diahan Southard’s Your DNA Guide website. She is co-author of How to Find Your Family History in U.S. Church Records, available at Genealogical.com or on Amazon and taught recently at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh in July 2024 on the topic of U.S. church records. (32 minutes)

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