Cemetery Committee History
Since the 1960s, cemeteries have played a large part in the Society's programming
Cemetery Laws
Selected cemetery laws from the Ohio Revised Code - pay attention to the terms "may" or "shall," "public" or "private"
Cemetery Preservation
Nationally known cemetery author Lynette Strangstad gives her views on the direction of graveyard preservation
Cemetery Preservation Society
Bonnie and Larry Knox from the Wayne County Chapter tell about how to create a local interest group to maintain and preserve cemeteries
Cemetery Reference Sources
Books about cemeteries in the OGS Library that are recommended reading
Cemetery Tombstone Abbreviations
Key to abbreviations often found on tombstones
Cemetery Transcription
The Huron County Chapter's guidelines on reading and publishing tombstone inscriptions
Cemetery Vertical Files
Individual cemetery transcriptions in manuscript form that have been submitted to the OGS library
Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003
Search the free database of Ohio cemetery locations
Ohio Cemeteries Bibliography
A list of OGS cemetery holdings by E. Paul Morehouse utilized in the compilation Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003
Ohio Cemeteries Database Key
Definitions of the material gathered in each field for the Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003 project including codes and abbreviations
Permission Form
This form may be adapted for use with your own local cemetery project. Also available as a Microsoft Word document
Virtual Cemetery Project
Guidelines provided by the Warren County Chapter in their efforts to preserve cemeteries digitally