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Name Email In Person/Virtual Financial
Diane Henriks [email protected] Both Honorarium $150 + mileage
Peggy Lauritzen, AG, FOGS [email protected] $200 – presentation, $800 – full day seminar. Mileage: Current IRS rate. Has own projecter, prefers provided projector.
Pamela Blaha [email protected] In-Person Only Ask for honorarium + mileage
Roslyn Torella [email protected] Both Contact for Honorarium
Ross Nelson [email protected] Both Ask for honorarium +Mileage
Owen M McCafferty II [email protected] Both Ask for pricing. May require mileage over 20 miles from Cleveland and possible overnight accomodations, and food.
Debbie Largew [email protected] Both Ask for honorarium
Dr. Mary Stockwell [email protected] Both Honorarium $250 – No mileage
Margaret Cheney [email protected] Both Ask for honorarium
Krista Horrocks [email protected] Both Honorarium $150 + mileage @$.58.mile
Tom Neel [email protected] Both $50 honorarium plus $25 mileage if 50-100 miles distance and parking fee if charged. Does not do in-person if over 100 miles.
Teresa Whitehead [email protected] Both Ask for pricing. Requests a projector
Rhonda Casler [email protected] $ 75.00 per topic Add mileage at the current IRS rate and any parking fees if outside of Fulton, Henry, or Defiance Counties in Ohio. When applicable, overnight hotel stays will also need to be compensated.
Dana Palmer [email protected] Both Contact for Honorarium