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Name Email In Person/Virtual Financial
Margaret Cheney [email protected] Both Ask for honorarium
Tom Neel [email protected] Both $50 honorarium plus $25 mileage if 50-100 miles distance and parking fee if charged. Does not do in-person if over 100 miles.
Krista Horrocks [email protected] Both Honorarium $150 + mileage @$.58.mile
Dr. Mary Stockwell [email protected] Both Honorarium $250 – No mileage
Debbie Largew [email protected] Both Ask for honorarium
Dana Palmer [email protected] Both Contact for Honorarium
Peggy Lauritzen, AG, FOGS [email protected] $200 – presentation, $800 – full day seminar. Mileage: Current IRS rate. Has own projecter, prefers provided projector.
Teresa Whitehead [email protected] Both Ask for pricing. Requests a projector
Ross Nelson [email protected] Both Ask for honorarium +Mileage
Pamela Blaha [email protected] In-Person Only Ask for honorarium + mileage
Owen M McCafferty II [email protected] Both Ask for pricing. May require mileage over 20 miles from Cleveland and possible overnight accomodations, and food.