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Ohio Genealogical Society - Fellow Award

Fellow Award
The Fellow of The Ohio Genealogical Society Award is given to an individual who has provided valuable service to the Society and to the field of genealogy over and above the job to which they were elected or appointed, through volunteer work, special projects, or their expertise or skill in accomplishing a goal for the Society. No member of the Executive Committee or of the Board of Trustees may be elected as a Fellow of the Society until after the completion of his/her term of office. The person making the nomination must be a member of OGS. Nominations shall cite qualifying services to OGS and shall contain biographical and other pertinent information regarding the nominee.

OGS FELLOWS (updated 2015)

* deceased
J. Richard Abell*
Ruth Bailey Allen *
Margaret Arnold
Jennie Jean Barnes
La Verne Richard Barnes *
Cora Harshman Bartholow *
Mary Hovorka Beebe
Carol Willsey Bell, C.G. *
Margaret Main Bouic *
Mary L. Bowman
Jana Sloan Broglin, C.G.
Anne Dallas Budd
Kenny R. Burck
James Grafton Carter *
Luetta Bollinger Coates *
E. Margaret Conner *
Robert M. Conner*
Edna Keim Conrad *
Amy Johnson Crow
Robert Allen Cunning *
Phyllis Brown Delaney *
Nellie Mae Tingley Dent *
Raymond R. Dent *
Marcella Anne Heisz Derrenberger
Rose Abersold Dietrich *
Olive Matthews Edwards *
Shelby J. Edwards *
Catharine Foraker Fedorchak *
Connie Siverly Ferguson *
Diane VanSkiver Gagel
Dorothy Hall Givens *
Dr. John Terence Golden*
James C. Gorman
Marjorie N. Gorman
Ruth Barger Gram *
Dorothy Fay Grunder *
Lolita Thayer Guthrie
Sylvia Smedley Hargrove *
Lida Flint Harshman *
Dick D. Heller, Jr.
Frank Eugene Henney *
Mary Jane Armstrong Henney *
Rebecca Baker Hill
Peggy Grubb Horn *
William R.M. Houston, M.D. *
Kay Ballantyne Hudson
Margaret Seitz James *
Dale Cosnett Kellogg *
Rita Bone Kopp
Louise Krause *
Cary Belle Hartman Latimer *
Susan Dunlap Lee
Virginia Lee *
Phyllis Mast Leech*
Carolyn Braden Lewis
Tacy Arledge Lewis
Lois Robinson McCullough
William James McIntosh *
Florence Dunlap Main *
David J. Massa, M.D. *
Elsie Matthews *
Frances Schaer Mercer
Paul James Midlam
Patricia Manning Donaldson Mills
Ted Marshall Minier
Ellsworth H. Morse, Jr. *
Paul Wesley Morton*
Jean Overmeier Nathan
Thomas Stephen Neel
Loraine Phipps Nelson*
Lois McNeil Ogier *
Julie Minot Overton *
Sunda Anderson Peters
Lois H. Phillips *
Esther Weygandt Powell *
Jeanne Lacy Pramaggiore *
E. Elizabeth Reed, M.D. *
Mayburt Stephenson Reigel *
Charlotte Burnett Ritter *
Dr. Hartien S. Ritter *
Opal McNeil Rodenbaugh*
Annamarie Baxter Sansbury *
Mary Frances Barr Schmotzer *
Jeanne Sharick *
Jeanne Tenge Shook*
Bernice Simon*
Maxine Hartmann Smith *
James Jay Strong, Sr. *
K. Roger Troutman
Gwendolyn Singrey Turner *
Lt. Col. Roger E. Turner *
David Edward Wagner *
Paul McKinley White *
Clifford Thomas Wig*
Jocelyn Fox Wilms *
E. Margaret Wilson *
James D. Wolfe, J.D. *
Joan Hamilton Wyatt
Susan Zacharias