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Welcome to the Ohio Civil War Center

William Nelson
William H. Nelson, from Fayette County, Ohio, 55th Massachusetts Infantry
Photo courtesy of John D. Jackson and Paul LaRue



Access to the Ohio Civil War Center is an exclusive benefit for OGS members. If you are not already an OGS member, learn about all the benefits of OGS membership here.

The Ohio Civil War Center provides online databases and resources relating to Ohio’s participation in the Civil War. Some of the materials presented in this section have been published in past issues of OCWGJ, some are searchable compilations of materials that were published in several issues of OCWGJ, and still others are new databases that are too large for publication in a print journal. Some items are searchable databases, others are reference articles and lists that are updated frequently or that researchers need readily accessible, and some focus on "how-to" aspects of Civil War genealogy research.

A major feature of the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Center is that all back issues of OCWGJ are available in PDF file format.

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