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Society of Civil War Families of Ohio Roster

The Society of Civil War Families of Ohio (SCWFO) is a lineage society created by The Ohio Genealogical Society in 1997. Through 2009, SCWFO has grown to 797 members with 1088 proven relatives with Ohio ties who served in the Civil War, either for the Union or the Confederacy. The relative must have lived or died in Ohio, or served in an Ohio unit. The research conducted by SCWFO members is available to other researchers at the OGS Library or by contacting the member through the OGS procedures described here.

This is a roster of SCWFO's members and their Civil War relatives. The roster contains each member's number with each of their proven Civil War relatives, the name of each Civil War relative with their SCWFO member(s), the birth year and death year of each Civil War relative, the names of up to two spouses of each Civil War relative, the Ohio counties in which the relatives lived, and the military units in which they served.

A surname search of this roster will yield the surnames of Civil War relatives, and relatives' spouses. A military unit search will yield the names of all Civil War relatives from that unit who have been proven by SCWFO members. While there are many ways to search this roster, it is important to remember that the more items you add to your search, the more narrow your search will be. Being "too exact" in your search may eliminate articles of interest.

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  • Adding a minus sign (-) before a word will exclude titles/subjects with that word. +Chattanooga -Campaign will find entries with Chattanooga, but not Campaign
  • Just listing the words with no plus or minus will find entries with either word. Chattanooga Campaign will find entries with either Chattanooga or Campaign
  • Adding an asterisk (*) after a word will search for partial words. Morgan* will find both Morgan and Morgan's
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