A Vision for the Future

July 31, 2023

After hiring a new Executive Director in the summer of 2021, the Ohio Genealogical Society decided to take a long-term, strategic look, at where the organization was and where it wanted to be ten years from now. OGS Board Members, with facilitation by the new Executive Director, held a strategic planning session in the fall of 2021 to discuss and determine the course of action for the society moving forward. The result of that meeting was the determination of four simple, principal, strategic tracks that would guide future OGS decision making moving forward.

  • The first of those was where we wanted to be financially and why. The Board determined that it was desirable for the society to be financially secure for the long term so that it was not reliant solely on membership dues, conference income and less secure revenue streams for it to thrive and grow. Seeking alternative funding from grants, planned gifts, merchandising, and branding are an important component of that effort.
  • Secondly, the society seeks to become the premier gateway for all people seeking Ohio genealogical resources. The society wants to encourage genealogists, aid in preserving and exposing valuable resources, educate the public, attract members and donors, and build brand loyalty. We do not want to be the repository for all things Ohio genealogical material, merely the organization that aids in making sure researchers know where to look whether with the society or elsewhere.
  • Next, it is important moving forward that the society strive for organizational excellence across all areas of its operation. The society is committed to operating to the highest nonprofit standards as a genealogical, educational, archival, and cultural institution so that we can attract and keep members, attract the best professional talent, grow our audience, and encourage donors to support the society.
  • Lastly, and given the world in which we all operate, the society is working to make sure that all of our technological aspects are up to latest, modern standards. Doing so ensures that the society is able to serve future members and chapters, the public, communicate effectively, and preserve and make accessible genealogical material of all kinds.

These four strategic goals are the filters through which The Ohio Genealogical Society looks at all of our decision making so that we are on schedule to achieve these goals. The society is always looking for OGS members interested in helping it achieve these goals through service on the Board of Trustees, volunteering for committees, volunteering at the OGS Library in Bellville, Ohio, or volunteering electronically. If you are interested in helping us achieve the above, reach out to us at [email protected].