Digitized Books

OGS has been digitizing resources since 2013. Access to most is an exclusive benefit for OGS members. Using filters, a member can discover published and unpublished works of a particular type, location, or subject.

Digitized Manuscripts

Includes original records such as court records, journals, account books, church records, photograph albums, scrapbooks, etc. Access to most of them is an exclusive benefit for OGS members. Using filters, a member can discover resources of a particular type, location, or subject.


Includes the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal, Ohio Genealogy News, Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly and Ohio Genealogical Society Report

Civil War

A benefit for OGS members, the Ohio Civil War Center has resources about Ohio’s role in the Civil War. The Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal has excellent articles. The Society of Civil War Families of Ohio is devoted to the Civil War.

African American

African American research is challenging. First names do not always appear in census records until 1870. Before 1865, enslaved African Americans were legal property, and “free” blacks were discriminated against. One must adopt different research strategies but the challenge can be rewarding.

Cemetery Research Tools

Cemetery research tools include laws, OGS library resources, preservation guides, and other relevant resources.

Library Special Collections

Includes yearbooks, city and county directories, and research guides to OGS’ collections. Surname searches help you find ancestor charts, family group sheets, and manuscripts in our archive. You may request photocopies through the OGS Copy Service.


Includes previously recorded live webinars and other archived material from the OGS website.

External Links

Includes external sites that offer digitized and off-line records for Ohio and national collections. Other sites offer catalogs, collection information, and published articles about methods and research tools.