New OGS Merchandise Partnership with Print Your Cause

June 1, 2023

The Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS) has recently forged an exciting partnership with Print Your Cause, a renowned merchandise printing company. This collaboration aims to offer genealogy enthusiasts and society members a collection of OGS branded merchandise. By joining forces, the OGS and Print Your Cause aim to promote the love for genealogy and support the society’s valuable work.

The partnership between the Ohio Genealogical Society and Print Your Cause brings forth an exceptional opportunity to showcase pride in genealogy research and support the society’s efforts. Through this collaboration, OGS has embraced the idea of using high-quality merchandise to foster a sense of community and belonging among its members.

Print Your Cause, known for its expertise in producing custom merchandise for various organizations, will utilize its printing prowess to bring the OGS logo and designs to life on a range of products. The partnership opens up avenues for OGS members and genealogy enthusiasts to proudly display their affinity for the society, while also contributing to its mission.

The OGS branded merchandise collection offers an array of carefully curated products designed to appeal to genealogy enthusiasts of all ages. From t-shirts to mugs and tote bags, there is something for everyone. Each item features the choice of an OGS logo, the traditional logo and the logo currently used on the OGS website.

Members and supporters of the Ohio Genealogical Society can now wear their passion for genealogy proudly, whether at conferences, family reunions, or during their personal research endeavors. The merchandise not only serves as a tangible way to display their dedication to genealogy but also acts as a conversation starter, allowing them to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Every purchase from the OGS branded merchandise collection contributes directly to supporting the Ohio Genealogical Society’s ongoing initiatives. As a nonprofit organization, OGS relies on membership fees, donations, and partnerships like this one to maintain its operations, expand its resources, and fund ongoing projects.

By investing in OGS branded merchandise, individuals not only receive a tangible reminder of their love for genealogy but also actively contribute to the society’s endeavors. The funds generated through merchandise sales will be directed towards programs, preservation efforts, and expanding the society’s reach.

The partnership between the Ohio Genealogical Society and Print Your Cause introduces a captivating way for OGS Members and genealogy enthusiasts to showcase their passion for family history research. Through a diverse range of OGS branded merchandise, members and supporters can proudly display their affiliation with the society while supporting its crucial work.

This collaboration not only creates a sense of camaraderie among OGS members but also generates vital funds to advance the Ohio Genealogical Society’s initiatives. As genealogy continues to captivate hearts and minds, the OGS branded merchandise offers a unique opportunity to celebrate and contribute to the world of family history research.

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