Asaph Whittlesey, Late of Tallmadge, Summit Co., Ohio
Lucius Verus Bierce, 1872
Barnum Family 1350-1907
Noah G. Barnum, 1907
Blair Family of New England
Emily Wilder Leavitt and William Blair, 1900
Brubaker Genealogy
Henry S. Brubaker, 1912
Descendants of Edward Perkins of New Haven, Conn.
Caroline Erickson Perkins and Perley Derby, 1914
Descendants of John Jenkins
Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy No. 2. Jenkins, Samuel B., 1930
Descendants of Joseph Triplett
of Hardy County, West Virginia and Summit and Licking Counties, Ohio, 1955
Descendants of Reginald Foster
Edward Jacob Forster, 1876
Family Record: Devoted for 1897 to the Sackett, the Weygant and the Mapes Families, Part 1
C. H. Weygant, 1897
Family Record: Devoted for 1897 to the Sackett, the Weygant and the Mapes Families, Part 2
C. H. Weygant, 1897
Foster Record: an Account of Thomas Foster of Billerica, Massachusetts
Frank Mortimer Hawes, 1889
Genealogy and a Short Historical Narrative of One Branch of the Family of George Phelps
Alanson Hosmer Phelps, 1897
Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants
Francenia Stewart White, Ester Stewart Hunt, and Emma Stewart Lyman, 1914
Genealogy of Jacob Aye
William Swazey Aye, 1903
Genealogy of Leonard and Mary McCollum Twinem
being the family of Thomas Finnell, Sr of Coshocton County, Ohio; mainly through the descendants of his oldest son Charles M. Finnell, 1951
Genealogy of Smith and Patterson Families
C. M. Smith, 1932
Genealogy of the Davis, Randall, and Brown Families
Kate Davis Holden
Genung Descendants: A Genealogy in Pictures
Dorothy Louise Everett Bates Newbill, 1987
Gleanings from Parker Records A.D. 1271 to 1893
William Thornton Parker, 1894
Here I Am, Autobiography of Charles Augustus Otis
History & Genealogy of the Descendants of John Jepson
Norton William Jipson, 1917
History of Squire Lowell Bagley’s House, Amesbury, Massachusetts
Mary Beecher Longyear, 1925. Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, lived in this house.
History of the Alexander Ewing Branch Ewing Family
John Calvin Ewing, 1930
Hodges Family of New England
Abridgement of the genealogical record of the Hodges family of New England, ending December 31, 1954
In Memoriam Daniel J. Ryan
born January 1, 1855, died June 15, 1923 : meeting of the Kit-Kat Club of Columbus, Ohio, Chittenden Hotel, Sunday, March 19, 1924, 3 o'clock p.m.
Journal of Ansel Udell born A.D. 1804
Ansel Udell, 1886
Keating and Forbes Families
Reminiscences of Cecil A. Keating, 1758-1920
King Family of New London, Huron County and Jackson Township, Ashland County, Ohio
Thomas Stephen Neel, 1984