Speaker: Pamela Blaha   Email: [email protected]


Pam is a retired Middle School science teacher turned genealogist. She and her husband have been involved in Colonial through War of 1812 re-enactments. She has presented for her local genealogy chapter and other
public presentations. She organized and led workshops while teaching.


  • Archives NOT Libraries
  • Rt 21 – The Migration to Work In the Rubber Industry
  • Conestoga Wagons – Workhouse of the Westward Migrations
  • Jazz – an Accompaniment to the Great Migration
  • Captured Twice – Scalped Once and lived to tell about it
  • Using Collateral and Negative Evidence to Identify Family Using Special Collections from the Denver Public Library – Harsh Gold
  • The 120th OVI through the Pension Files of Big Same Whonsetler

Financial/Notes: Ask for honorarium + mileage