Hint for the Day: Use Your Library Catalog

November 16, 2015

One of the additions to www.familysearch.org this year are the camera and microfilm icons in the main library catalog under the “Search” tab. Search for your county of interest in the locality field and check out all the subject divisions. I was working under “Taxation” today for a library patron and discovered a camera icon next to the tax roll number for that county. I clicked on it and there were the images! I immediately went to the Ohio database list thinking they had added more counties to the Ohio Tax Records 1800-1850 image set [that OGS volunteers indexed], but it only contained the same 11 counties — no change in these records since 2011. I double-checked my home county of Huron – all 7 rolls of tax records available digitally from the catalog link. Many books have also been scanned and are available through links from the catalog. All these resources may be found with a catalog search and not necessarily by viewing the traditional database lists on FamilySearch. Yes, the Ohio Genealogical Society even provides links to digitized books in its online library catalog – www.ogs.org – What strange things librarians do! Be sure to use that library catalog! 

Tom Neel, OGS Library Director