Ten Reasons to Use the Ohio Genealogical Society’s Samuel D. Isaly Library

February 5, 2021

The Ohio Genealogical Society will start its annual fundraising campaign in the coming weeks with some very worthwhile projects on our wish list. However, all fundraisers tell us that it is important to list your accomplishments up front. A new research library opened in 2010 and this has been our biggest goal fulfilled. Here are ten short videos that you may have seen on Facebook.com/OGSPage, but they might be new to viewers of our OGS website. These ten treasures are among our best in our facility! The words and images in these short clips were crafted by OGS Library Director Tom Neel and the narration was done by former OGS President Margaret Cheney.

#1 OHIO STORY – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/2782889018614169
#2 YEARBOOKS – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/282776813042573
#3 COMPUTER LAB – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/581125645934046
#4 MILITARY RECORDS – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/1223361284674031
#5 NATIVE AMERICAN – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/313535329787574
#6 AFRICAN AMERICAN – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/1078276282575352
#7 NEW ENGLAND – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/303068954390646
#8 OHIO 1880 CENSUS – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/577808889570099
#9 BIBLE RECORDS – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/2771509876450595
#10 PROBATE RECORDS – https://www.facebook.com/115027265249033/videos/336839414141441

Tom Neel, Library Director