New Membership Logo

June 3, 2016

The Ohio Genealogical Society is pleased to present a membership logo specifically designed for those individuals that wish to acknowledge and promote their membership with OGS. This new logo can be used on blogs, personal websites, and Facebook pages.

If you are currently using the official OGS logo (the image shown above), we are asking that you replace it with this new membership logo. The official OGS logo is reserved for the sole use of OGS.

You will find this new logo on the OGS website. You will have to log in as a member first. In the left-hand column under OGS Membership, you will see a link to Member Logo.

After you have logged in and reach the page with the Member Logo, to download the new membership logo, right click on the image and then choose Save Image As.

Thank you for being a member of OGS and showing your pride in membership.

Margaret Cheney, President and the OGS Board of Trustees